Open Burning In Ohio

To make a complaint with the Ohio EPA in your area:
Fairfield, Franklin, & Licking County Areas - Jason Fister -614.728.3805

For any additional questions you may have, contact the Violet Township Fire Department at 614.837.4123

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A guideline to Open Burning in Ohio  Ohio EPA
Before You Light It: Know Ohio's Open Burning Regulations Ohio EPA
Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) Chapter 3745-19, Open Burning Standards State of Ohio
What Can You Burn In the Neighborhood? Ohio EPA
Burning Down The House - How Can Your Fire Dpeartment Do It Properly? Ohio EPA
Open Burning Permission Request Form Ohio EPA
Open Burning Notification Form Ohio EPA

Notification Form for fires for recognized horticultural, silvicultural (forestry), range management, prairie and grassland management,invasive species management, or wildlife management practices
Ohio EPA