Public Safety

Keeping Safe and prepared
Working together citizens, law enforcement, and emergency fire and medical responders make Violet

Township a safe place to live and work. Violet Township encourages residents to explore this website to learn important information about how to reduce fire risks, prepare in the event of a disaster, and secure homes, offices and personal property. And should the need arise, assist 9-1-1 operators by knowing the information needed when calling for help.

Violet Township's law enforcement agencies and fire department take tremendous pride in successfully helping citizens prevent emergencies and in rapidly responding to residents and businesses when the need arises. The Violet Township Fire Department responds annually to more than 4,000 requests for emergency assistance.

Violet Township has several law enforcement agencies that work closely together. The Pickerington Police Department and Reynoldsburg Police Department; and the Fairfield County Sheriffs Department operating out of the Canal Winchester and Violet Township substation, all serve and protect our area.

Violet Township is also served by the Fairfield County Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, these agencies stand ready to help citizens and businesses -- by preventing avoidable emergencies and by responding in times of crisis.