Maintenance and Preservation Treatments

Violet Township has proactively implemented pavement maintenance and preservation treatments into their annual road program to help extend the life of the township’s roads.

Pavement preservation is a cost effective and greener approach to getting the most life out of your roads and making taxpayer dollars go further. In addition to cost efficiency, a pavement preservation approach is known to produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, consume less energy, and provide faster application times than the alternative conventional approach. These treatments will also help with keeping water out of the pavement, prevent oxidation of the asphalt, and maintain good skid resistance until your road is identified as needing a traditional asphalt overlay.

The treatments you will see the township utilizing are as follows:

Crack Seal

crack seal

Overband Crack Seal is a combination of asphalt cement and fibers that produces a strong yet flexible repair to pavement cracks and construction joints. Ultimately, when applied at the right time, this seal will help keep water out of the subbase yielding longer pavement service life. 


  • High tensile strength for heavy loads
  • Delays and minimizes reflective cracking
  • Prevents water intrusion into subbase
  • Most economical pavement repair process
  • Prevents raveling and future potholes
Micro Surfaces:

micro surface

When applied on the right road at the right time, Micro Surfacing is one of the most cost-effective Pavement Maintenance tools on the market today. Used primarily to extend pavement service life, Micro Surfacing also provides a safe, durable and skid-resistant surface.


  • Superior Durability with Long Service Life
  • Corrects Wheel Rutting
  • Corrects Moderate Pavement Bleeding or Flushing
  • Fast Set and Cure Time Allowing Traffic to Return Quickly
Cape Seal:

cape seal
Cape seal is a two-step process. The chip seal will be applied, then typically a week or so later the micro surface will be applied.

Cape Seal is a widely used pavement maintenance tool which incorporates chip seal covered with micro surfacing. It’s an economical solution for addressing fair to moderately cracked pavements, while also providing a smooth, dense surface, good skid resistance, and a long service life.


  • Effectively repairs fair to moderately cracked pavements
  • Smooth texture with no loose aggregate
  • Long pavement service life similar to traditional asphalt overlay practices
  • Excellent skid resistance over the life of the pavement
Higher Costs & what contributes to them:

We are experiencing many of the same problems that are plaguing many townships, cities, counties, and communities across the nation. These factors (problems) include inflation, supply chain issues, and in some cases, shortages which all contribute to increased costs. We are making every effort to increase the useful life of our roadways by using these different methodologies as presented above.