Getting Around

The primary way to get around the area is with a private vehicle. Traffic in the area is reasonable, with rush hours delays that fall well below those found in many other urban/surburban areas of the state and country.

Public Transit

Althrough there is no formal public transit, there are several Ride Share/Solution programs, and you can always take advantage of Park and Ride lots in the Columbus/Franklin County area. Additionally, Violet Township participates in a Public Transit Program called Lancaster Public Transit.You can click on one of the images for more information

 public transit flyer large print front_Page_1
public transit flyer large print front_Page_2

Greenways, Bike Paths and trails

There is a major Bike Path that passes through the City of Pickerington on State Route 256, and several large construction projects that will be providing biking, jogging and walking paths that will connect many area communities. We have some helpful links for you below.

Greenway Trails

You can also check out alternative sources of transportation here.