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In addition to the services provideds from our top notch Fire and EMS staff, and the local law enforcement agencies, Violet Township has a long established Abatement and Code enforcement process.  This process is a collaborative effort between multiple local municipalities, homeowners and community stakeholders to solve chronic nuisances and criminal activity using code enforcement, education, training, community, and economic development tools to make Violet Township a great place to live and do business.

  •   VISION: 
        - A community where neighborhoods are safe and crime resistant
  •    MISSION:
       - Secure voluntary compliance and property owner cooperation to revitalize neighborhoods and deny criminal use of real property
  •    GOALS: 
       - Maintain safe properties and neighborhoods
       - Provide long term solutions to criminal activity
       - Assist owners to revitalize their properties

When compared to similar-sized communities throughout the country, Violet Township is a very safe place to live. A safe community is one that consistently promotes safe and healthy behaviors that protect people from hurt and harm in all aspects of their lives. We want a safe community so that we can provide a source of community pride; encourage families and people of all ages to move to the community; and to maintain Violet Township’s high quality of life. 

Safe Routes to Schools

The recent Safe Routes To Schools initiative, which is full steam ahead, is a federally funded program that enables community leaders, schools and parents across the United States to improve safety and encourage more children, including children with disabilities, to safely walk and bicycle to school. In the process, programs are working to reduce traffic congestion and improve health and the environment, making communities more livable for everyone.

Violet Township identified needs, obtained statistics and mapped every crosswalk, stop sign and curb ramp in the Pickerington Local School District. We applied for funding and in 2009 were awarded $290,000 in grants from the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) who administers the program in Ohio.

$43,000 of the funds were earmarked for school travel-related education. With that, we purchased bike helmets and will distribute them to every fifth and sixth grader in the district. Additionally, we have distributed safety-focused literature within the schools and held “Walk With A Cop Day” at each of the elementary schools. 

The bulk of this grant was spent on a project to improve student travel to two schools: 

  • Diley Middle School: Violet Township improved connections to neighborhoods surrounding Diley Middle School. There are sidewalks in front of the houses, but the students have worn a path through the grass on the school grounds getting to the building. The path will be paved and become handicap accessible. We also improved and extended an existing sidewalk on the school grounds.
  • Fairfield Elementary School: Violet Township installed sidewalks on one side of four different streets within the Summerfield Subdivision: Coventry Avenue and Hounsdale, Stonecreek and Oxford Drives. These sidewalks form a loop to connect to a short segment of existing sidewalk at the school. Upgrades to the crosswalks and flashing school signs were also performed..
This is the first project of its kind in our community, and the committee worked through many issues. We continue to apply for additional grants and two more were recently received: $319,000 for a loop of sidewalks around Violet Elementary School, and $10,800 for crossing guard caddies with safety equipment. 

It is the Safe Routes to School committee’s hope that the end result will provide safe pedestrian mobility for all of our school-age kids. As a bonus, improved pedestrian access should also benefit the adults in our community. 
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