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Permits and Licenses defined

Land Use Permits

All development that alters any uses of or on the land in Violet Townshipis required to meet land use regulations.

Building Permits

A building permit is required for any building or structure located in Violet Township that is to be erected, constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved, improved, converted, or demolished.

Fire Permits and Forms

All new building construction in Violet Township is required to meet current fire code requirements. Redeveloped buildings are also required to update fire suppression systems to meet current code.

Business/Use License

If you do business in Violet Township, including home occupations, you need a use license from Violet Township.

Sign Permits

All external signs posted in Violet Township are required to obtain a permit. Signs are not allowed to be placed in the public right of way (exceptions exist for traffic control signs only)

Swimming Pools

All swimming pools have special requirements and processes, INCLUDING any inflatable swimming pool that is 24 or more inches deep.

Special Events Coordination and Permits

Violet Township Special Events application process saves everyone time, resources, and money by addressing all the elements early in the planning stages.

Pet Licenses

Fairfield County requires that all dogs be licensed. Violet Township also encourages you to visit the  Fairfield County Humane Society

Code Compliance

Violet Township has established rules and regulations that are intended to ensure safe and attractive neighborhoods. Issues that involve code compliance relate to things like abandoned vehicles, weeds and grass issues, illegal land clearing, zoning violations, and other code infractions.

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