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Business Plan Goals

  • Meet the service demands that contribute to the livability of the community
    • Prioritize services at levels that can be sustained by revenue
    • Plan, develop, and maintain quality services, infrastructure, and amenities
    • Respond to growing service demands while meeting the unique requirements of a diverse population through partnerships, innovation, and outcome management
    • Retain a skilled workforce
    • Balance development with environmental protection
  • Manage growth through sound urban planning
    • Foster development of vibrant, sustainable, attractive, mixed-use neighborhoods in established urban, surburban and rural centers
    • Uphold a high standard of design and property maintenance throughout the Township
    • Provide a balance between housing and high-quality jobs
    • Maintain services to current residents while working with our partner communities.
  • Influence decisions that impact the Township
    • Demonstrate leadership by developing and maintaining partnerships and investment strategies with other jurisdictions that improve services
    • Aggressively pursue transportation and other regional improvements and services that improve quality of life
    • Advocate Violet Township's interests through state and federal lobbying efforts
  • Promote strong neighborhoods
    • Support the vitality and positive appearance of neighborhoods through community involvement
    • Encourage and partner in the development of quality housing choices for people of all ages and income levels
    • Ensure the safety, health, and security of citizens through effective service delivery
    • Promote pedestrian and bicycle linkages between neighborhoods and community focal points
  • Promote township-wide economic development
    • Promote Violet Township as the progressive, opportunity-rich municipality in the Central Ohio area
    • Capitalize on growth opportunities through bold and creative economic development strategies
    • Recruit and retain businesses to ensure a dynamic, diversified employment base

Business Plan Actions

  • Meet the service demands that contribute to the livability of the community
    • 2011-2020 Actions:
    • Develop a strategy to meet long-term staff facility needs.
    • Develop a strategy and funding for construction of new parks and community recreation centers.
    • Design and construct a Fire & Emergency Services facility to enhance service levels in the southern portion of the township.
    • Complete and implement the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan, which identifies needs and funding for acquisition and development.
    • Develop and implement on-line systems to improve customer service and increase options for how residents get services.
    • Work within Community Planning Areas to assist businesses and residents prepare themselves for a potential emergency.
    • Continue to implement the Community Planning Initiative to better align the township’s planning efforts with the services it provides and the desires of the community.
    • Support the area Historical Societies where possible in their long term plans.
    • Expand and beautify the 33 corridor by constructing new business and transit lanes and pedestrian-oriented streetscape improvements.
    • Develop a performance management system that better connects the Township’s goals and desired outcomes with employee performance.
    • Develop and present to the voters a “Quality of Life” bond and/or levy measure to fund a significant package of parks, recreation, and other community amenities.
    • Create an inventory roadmap that helps residents, businesses, and non-profit organizations make connections to township and community resources.
    • Engage residents in promoting ways to embrace and celebrate Violet Township's rich diversity, and long history
  • Manage growth through sound urban planning
    • 2011-2020 Action:
    • Continue the comprehensive review and update of the township's development regulations to ensure a balance between sound land use planning, economic development and environmental protection while ensuring a streamlined and predictable process.
    • Develop a package of "green" building incentives.
    • Develop and implement a strategy enlisting intergovernmental, non-profit, and corporate support for the revitalization of our older neighborhoods and historical sites.
  • Influence decisions that impact Violet Township
    • 2011-2020 Actions:
    • Plan for future high-capacity transit investments and ensure they are built in a timely manner, consistent with community desires.
    • Revisit the feasibility of promoting mass transit through a pickup of the local tax for COTA bus service or mass pick up bus stops
    • Enhance the partnership between the township and our multiple School Districts by pursuing joint operating agreements for like services and other potential efficiencies.
    • Work with ODOT and the State Legislature to ensure the timely project funding and implementation to open up new interchanges in the US 33 Corridor area.
  • Promote strong neighborhoods
    • 2011-2020 Actions:
    • Achieve an overall crime rate that is less than the state and area average.
    • Improve pedestrian connections township-wide.
    • Create forums and strategies to better engage the township’s diverse population.
    • Build a stronger workforce and community as a whole by supporting programs and initiatives that promote active living and healthy eating.
  • Promote township-wide economic development
    • 2011-2020 Actions:
    • Aggressively recruit new high-profile and high-wage employers to locate in Violet Township, while working with existing employers to retain and expand the number of jobs in the community.
    • Aggressively pursue the redevelopment of key large and high-profile properties throughout the township.
    • Engage key property owners and encourage the timely redevelopment and/or renovation of aging buildings.
    • Explore recommendations for an Arts & Culture Master Plan.
Developed in conjucntion with the 33 Corridor Alliance group

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